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ODM Tool & Mfg. Co., Inc.
The ODM story is one of commitment and resolution; commitment to provide our customers with the most complete and knowledgeable service in the industry and a resolve that places our "Stamp of excellence" on your most challenging stamping projects.  
  • Complete selection of precision presses from 35 to 1000 ton capacity. Large 20,000 pound coil holders reduce material handling time.
  • Wide variety of secondary operations such as robotic welding, tapping and assembly which can be customized to support your individual requirements.
  • Thoroughly trained, experienced engineering and operator staff with emphasis on operator level production control responsibility for "hands on" quality performance.
  • Knowledgeable application of the latest, most comprehensive quality control procedures, including SPC, TQM, AQP and CPK to assure total project quality results to your most exactly specifications.
  • QS-9000

9550 Joliet Rd.
PO Box 1529
McCook, Illinois 60525-1529
Phone 708-485-6130
Fax 708-485-6540

Kaplan Sales & Associates
1003 Canonero Drive, Greensboro, NC   27410-3803
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